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Topic: rolling of piano chords in finale

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    Question rolling of piano chords in finale

    as i look in the demo, i have not found a tool for rolling piano chords. what i mean by rolling is - an example - an E-flat bass chord from the bottom of e-flat, b-flat, e-flat, g, b-flat, e-flat, and g. this is over 2 octaves and cannot be played all at once, so it is played like a very fast arpeggio - a broken chord. in written music, the marking usually looks like a vertical wavy line just to the left of the chord. is there such a marking in finale that anyone knows of to accomplish the rolling?
    thanks to all of you for helping me. it appears i will buy the product and get a Mac Pro

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    Re: rolling of piano chords in finale

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    Re: rolling of piano chords in finale

    Ironically, I just added that marking to a piano part in a score so it is fresh in my head. Not sure about the demo, but in standard F07, if you click the smart shape tool, I think you will see the glissando tool fifth from the end of the smart shapes set. After you add it to the score, you grab it to drag/stretch it.

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    Re: rolling of piano chords in finale

    huh, I think I'm tired. Glissando and piano roll aren't the same thing, but they look so much alike . Thanks to qccowboy, too bad he didn't post that a second earlier...

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    Question Re: rolling of piano chords in finale

    aconquija and qccowboy (michel) -
    thank you both. michel, you simply know everything and have a wonderful way of sharing it - vive les quebecois and st denis street.
    aconquija - you have partially answered a question about glissando that i have - very frequent on the piano and at times in strings- which is this?
    it is a selection on this same menu posted for me b y michel, yes? and how do you indicate the beginning and end - by posting those notes with the glissando symbol dragged between them?
    thank you amigos, amis, friends

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    Re: rolling of piano chords in finale

    Glissando is in the Smart Shape pallatte. It can be note-attached, so you can just click on one note, then drag the glissando line to whichever note you want.

    You can also select different shapes. The wavy line is available, or you can use a straight line if you prefer.
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