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Topic: How do you enter cc info?

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    How do you enter cc info?

    Specifically, the cc data for those cc numbers that don't show up in the MIDI editor of Cubase? Such as cc12 Breath, or cc13 Key Click

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: How do you enter cc info?

    To me this seems to be a Cubase question and not JABB.
    Maybe this can help:
    At the bottom of the MIDI controller display in Cubase you can select which cc type to be displayed with the pop-up menu at the left. Select 'Setup...' to put the cc events you want in the pop-up menu.



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    Re: How do you enter cc info?

    In Sonar I ignore the menu list of controllers and just type in what I need--making all numbers possible. Maybe you can type over in the Cubase controller menu also?

    Randy B.

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