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Topic: more questions for los conocedores

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    Question more questions for los conocedores

    everyone, thank you for so much clarifying and help as i wind up evaluating the finale demo. and now, your advice on two more issues, please.
    1- i believe the gpo violin strength is maybe 12 in firsts and 10 in seconds - not sure - maybe 6 in basses and not much more in cellos. do you find this density enough for being heard in tutti and against brass? do y ou have them play louder as a rule - or do you have two sets of firsts, two sets of seconds, etc. divisi could be a problem for sound with only 5 or 6 playing one line.
    2- my eMac will not handle gpo, finale, and kontact, for sure. so, i am thinking much about the Mac Pro. I see in the demo tutorial that BARE minimums are 1 gb RAM with 1.8GHz speed. Leaf in Dallas said he has 1.5 gb in RAM and still cuts out at times and uses no more than 10 to 12 instruments. Should i buy more space and speed - and if so - your ideas on how much - so that i have lots of room to work on scores and make changes and have the power to play it all- and maybe still have an internet Banda Ancha connection (dsl??) I would keep the eMac for sure with all the gizmos i have on it. But i would still need to receive updates to Tiger and iTunes stuff etc for the Pro. Opiniones?
    and there's a final question, but it does not come to me just now. i have no way to respond to your warm and cooperative attitude - except to apreciate you and to invite you to come to Bogotá.

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    Re: more questions for los conocedores

    Many of us will layer several solo strings on top of a section if we need a denser or richer sound. GPO has several solo strings available (but needs more violas in my opinion) which you can use to make just about any size section you want.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Question Re: more questions for los conocedores

    aha - gotcha. dan, any opiniones about hardware and speed and ram size that is a little bigger than the bare minimums so as to feel comfortable?

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    Re: more questions for los conocedores

    I'm probably not the best person to ask about technical questions. I can say, though, that I noticed a great improvement in performance when I upgraded my RAM to 2 gigabytes. With that you can load up almost everything in GPO.

    RAM is relatively inexpensive (at least in the US--I don't know how things are in Columbia) and is probably the easiest way to get improved performance out of GPO or any other musical application.

    But I'll leave the technical stuff for those people on the forum who know more about that.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: more questions for los conocedores

    Saludos desde Venezuela.

    Siento que soy el menos indicado para hablar de tecnologia, pero siento que hay dos cosas basicas en torno al uso del RAM.

    1) Obviamente a mayor RAM mayor performance, si esta es una solucion economica en Colombia...pues hermano pase adelante!!!. Si no lo es, seria buena solucion (aunque no siempre la mejor).... empezar a deshacerse de programas que realmente no se utilizan, para poder ganar memoria. Si has hecho de Garritan tu programa recursivo, deshaste de lo que no uses y dejalo para una computadora auxiliar.

    2) Siento, si no es cierto me rectifican, que a medida que avanzan las actualizaciones en Garritan, siempre se nos requieren "extras" (mas RAM, un cable virtual, el uso de programas "auxiliares", etc...siento que ya esta dejando de ser autosuficiente el uso de Garritan (cualquiera de sus librerias) y Garritan Studio (Porque ahora esta el KP2 - Kontakt Player 2 - que para los entendidos es "arrechisimo" - (muy bueno) - ) pero deja de lado muchas cosas a las cuales ya uno estaba habituado y se desvian del ALL ON ONE....sin mucha explicacion te dicen que no sirve lo anterior pero que bajando tal programita o tal cablecito y trucando aqui y alla.......tu sabes...)

    Soy usuario de Garritan, de Sibelius y Finale y desde su aparicion me han parecido herramientas vanguardistas...pero ahora parece complicarse mas el asunto....que opinan Uds?


    Andres Eloy Rodriguez

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