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Topic: Saving Volume Settings in KP1/Finale 2007

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    Saving Volume Settings in KP1/Finale 2007

    Is it possible to save the volume settings for instruments in the KP1 using the full version of GPO in Finale 2007?

    Each time I open a Finale file that has GPO instruments I must go to the KP1 player and re-set the volume for each and every instrument. Time consuming for a full orchestral piece.

    Is it possible to change the default settings to a higher volume level. What is the solution, or is there a solution?
    Samantha Penigar


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    Re: Saving Volume Settings in KP1/Finale 2007

    I would guess the problem is that the Kontakt Player option is set to accept CC7/CC10 for volume/panning from the host (Finale). So when you load up a project, the Kontakt Player values are getting set from each Finale staff's volume setting (rather than maintaining the value you set in the player).

    If you go into Kontakt Player Options, and deselect this option, it may fix your issue.

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