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Topic: List of GPO instrument ranges?

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    List of GPO instrument ranges?

    Is there a list of the GPO instrument ranges available? This info is not
    in the manual.

    Yes, I know that I can figure this out by looking at the virtual keyboard
    in the Kontact Player, but I would like to use this information programmatically
    and having a list would be a great time-saver.

    thank you!

    - klassical

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    Re: List of GPO instrument ranges?


    Is there no text list of the GPO instrument ranges? Surely, there must
    be a master list somewhere?

    - k

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    Re: List of GPO instrument ranges?

    Hi klassical -

    In GPO Studio, when you open it & load instruments into the Kontakt Player,
    instrument ranges are shown in blue keys on the virtual keyboard.

    I've worked ranges out for orchestral instruments only:
    I had to re-load all my standard orchestra sounds to reduce ranges
    because I had fixed everything else and was still getting dropouts.

    If you want to check my work, start from middle C: it's 60.
    C an octave above is 72; an octave down is 48.

    Here are the ranges:

    Piccolo:74-108 / Flute:59-98 / Oboe:59-91 / Bb Clarinet:50-91 / Bass
    Clarinet:35-77 / Bassoon:35-67

    French Horn:38-77 / Trumpet:55-89 / Trombone:40-77 / Tuba:28-67

    Tympani:36-57 / Cymbals:84-91 / Tambourine:72-73(strike & roll respectively) / Triangle:81 /

    Glockenspiel:79-108 / Harp:24-103

    Violins:55-98 / Viola:48-96 / Cellos:36-84 / Double Bass:24-64

    Hope this helps!

    David Lawrence

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