My composition is all MIDI tracks in Sonar 6 PE, with the sounds coming from virtual instruments (primarily Kontakt 2 libraries). When I mix them all down to an audio track and apply a touch of reverb and EQ, using Cakewalk's bundled audio FX, I'm not getting the result I want.

I need to be able to tweak each section (woodwinds, strings, percussion, etc.) separately (and, in some cases, each individual instrument.) It seems to me that the only way this can be done is to have a lot more instances of Kontakt and apply the FX to the audio tracks associated with each instance. When I try this, however, Sonar takes a very long time to load each track, CPU usage increases, performance becomes sluggish (no surprise).

It doesn't seem like Sonar will let me apply the audio FX that I want to use to the MIDI tracks -- or even let me send their output to an audio bus (which is what I really want.)

I suppose I could mix each MIDI track down (or freeze them) individually. But I'm guessing that would add a lot to the file size and make it very cumbersome to make changes to the the MIDI tracks. (I make lots of changes. I'd be mixing them down a lot.) I'm just wondering if there is a better way to do this.