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Topic: ability to hide slurs?

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    ability to hide slurs?

    Is there a way to hide the slurs? When I'm writing for strings I want to hear that legato sound, but don't want the actual slur to show.


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    Re: ability to hide slurs?

    Unfortunately, no. We did add the ability to hide a lot more articulations with 1.6.1, but slurs were not included with that feature.

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    Re: ability to hide slurs?

    Thanks for the reply Jason! I noticed the improvements in 1.6.1 and it's great. The only reason I asked about hiding the slurs is because with strings I want to hear that legato sound, but with strings you get into tricky area concerning bowings and phrasing that it just wouldn't work notation and performance wise to have these huge giant slurs. Just thought I'd throw that out there....

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