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Topic: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

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    Cool OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    Now that I've hung out here for awhile in the Best music-related forums on the internet, and gotten to know such a large group of talented people, some of you may enjoy seeing me do my Acting thing.

    Music has been a hobby since I was a preschooler, but for a very large portion of my life, theatre (acting and directing) has been my other big artistic outlet. As with music, there have even been times I've made money doing it.

    And in the biggest music project of my life, "Dorian - The Remarkable Mr. Gray"--I've combined my two big loves, music and theatre.

    It's a long story, but in a nutshell, there was a time when a good sized group of folks thought I was going to Make It Big as an actor.

    "It's never too late" it's been said, but as time goes on, success beyond a small scale does become less likely. It's OK. Those who only practice their artistic crafts if there is compensation have lost sight of their Need to create Art, or maybe they never had that drive.

    There's a reason the image of "the starving artist" has long been a cliche---because like all cliches, it's true--Poets and madmen do what they do because they Have to, whether or not they make a living from it.

    On my personal web page I have a montage video clip of me in the most recent play I've performed in, "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. I played Danforth, "the hanging judge." A truly great script with a timeless message. I put together a few of the Danforth moments in this clip.

    The show was done in 2005 at Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon---note the interesting irony--Salem Oregon--Salem Massachusetts.

    Towards the top on the left of the front page, you'll see a photo of me in a period costume--click that and the video will play.

    And yes--that's my real hair!


    Randy B.

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    Re: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    Very cool, nice acting!

    The Crucible can be very dramatic and engaging, though I certainly didn't enjoy reading it in high school. Such drama is meant to be seen and heard, in my opinion!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    good morning rb,
    I enjoyed the video clip. Such talent! Your experience is obvious. Reminded me of Travolta's -look at me... Good luck on the success of your Dorian.

    tony h
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    Re: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    Did I hear that right, as, "wastes his time at the shuffleboard"?

    - m
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    Re: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    Nice work!

    I wanted to see the whole thing.

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    Re: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    The chick wouldn't look at you. Were you giving her the evil eye? (Get a haircut.)

    You are a natural thespian.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: OT - Video of me as an actor 8-)

    hehe, this is great fun, having The Garritan Gang catch a glimpse of me trodding the boards. Aaaaah, Thee-ah-TAAAh.

    Sean, you are so right. "The Crucible" has been on the mandatory reading list in schools for decades, and as a kid it's not fun being forced to read Anything.

    But what you said made me think of how reading a play is somewhat analogous to reading a music score--there simply isn't any way of getting the impact made by a live performance. Even theatre people can have a hard time reading plays and understanding how they can work on stage. It's simply not the same as reading other forms of literature. Play scripts are theoretical in nature and are missing the crucial human element until they're performed--just as that's true of a music score.

    Tony "jamiha"--Thank you so much! I bow humbly to your applause.

    Markleford! You said:

    "...Did I hear that right, as, 'wastes his time at the shuffleboard'?..."

    Hehe, Yeah! Mrs. Proctor is defending her husband by saying how hard working he is, hiding the fact that she knows he's had an affair with a teenager in the village. She says he doesn't waste time at shuffleboard--that indeed being the Puritan equivilant of Nintendo!

    Steve--That's great that you ended up wanting to see the whole thing. It was a good production. The guy playing Proctor, the character I'm berating in the last part of that clip, made an excellent hero to my snide, hypocritical villain. Those characters are the two leads, and we had a really good supporting cast.

    And thank You, Larry for saying I'm a natural Thespian--Don't be alarmed folks--"Thespian" is a good thing.

    But Larry, I don't Wanna cut my hair!

    Thanks guys!

    Randy B.

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