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Topic: Broadway Virtual instrument

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    Broadway Virtual instrument

    Dear samplerers,

    I have recently been writing a few small scale musicals mainly for school productions. I was researching sample sets for this genre and found......

    Broadway Big Band virtual instrument from Fable sounds.

    Sounds great on the demos. Anyone got any more ideas for cheaper sample sets for this kind of thing?

    I have Garritan JABB already. It's useful for the rhythm sections.

    If I were a rich man........


    By the way; this is not an advert!

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    Re: Broadway Virtual instrument

    The only other thing worth considering is Quantum Leap Brass - I use it all the time for Big Band / show stuff.

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    Re: Broadway Virtual instrument

    Hi Chiseen,

    Some other pop brass libraries you might want to check out are:

    Kick A S S Brass. (the forum has a way of censoring that word)

    First Call Horns

    Chris Hein Horns (not a full brass section, but a nice sounding trumpet, trom and saxes)

    Screaming Trumpet (Trumpet only, but saxes and jazz flute are in development)

    None of them are as comprehensive as Broadway Big Band (but then again none of them have the "comprehensive" price tag attached).

    Listen to the demos to decide what floats your boat.

    BTW These are samples only, let me know if you wanted some suggestions for loop libraries instead.

    Ben H

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