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Topic: so easy (jabb jazz song)

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    so easy (jabb jazz song)

    This song uses jabb instruments except for the organ. Please give me your impression of the song.
    Thanks -Jay

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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Hello, Jay

    Yeeeah now this is sure smooth and creamy. Excellent arrangement of a satisfying composition--Great use of JABB.

    There's a lot happening in the lower registers, and made me want to hear what it would sound like moved up a step or so. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it's the lower keys of the organ and the Bass which give it a bit of extra weight, they both stay so low---and a result there's a low rumble muddiness that's detracting to the piece a bit.

    Really nice, Jay--Thanks!

    Randy B.
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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    So easy, it is! Easy on the ears and psyche. Thanks for putting it up for the rest of us to enjoy. I'd like to suggest a few modifications, if I may, however.

    First, please add some vibrato to the flute parts. Flutists rarely hold a melodic note more than a beat or two without adding the vibrato. That will make it sound warmer, more personal, and more real, al at the same time.

    Second, for all the horn parts, flutes included, try using the pitch randomizing controller with a level of about 10 or so (vary to taste) to introduce those pitch variations that occur naturally. It's a sure sign of electronic samples when every last note is perfectly in tune, and it effectively reduces the sonic size of your ensemble. A large part of what we as listeners expect to hear from live instruments is the harmonic interaction between those instruments. Even the biggest brass sections start to sound like pipe organs without that pitch variation.

    Third, and this is primarily my taste, so please read this with that in mind, I'd recommend trying out different registrations for that organ. The one being used struck me as being kind of harsh for such a smooth bossa nova feel.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Sounds nice "Jazz band" composition and I like the way it is as pretty easy listening...



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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Thanks for listening Randy. I tried this song in several different keys to see what pitch worked for me. The organ(roland organ) sounded best in this key to me. I am glad that you liked it.

    bmdaustin, as I said above, I tried the organ at different pitches. I think I will experiment with the choice of organ. A different organ sound could change things some. I did have vibrato on the flute when it was playing by itself, but I applied no vibrato when it was playing with another flute. A different vibrato rate between 2 players does not sound right to me and the same vibrato rate does not sound natural. You make a very good point about using variable intonation. I have never used that, but I plan to experment with it. You say start around 10, I will try that. Thanks for your suggestions.

    Long, thanks for listening. I was trying to get an easy listening sound with this song.

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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Easy listening and.....?


    this music I like very much!

    My sister went to spain 1980. Since this date I traveled every year to spain, and I have heared a lot of music sounding like your`s.

    Your composition is great!

    Thank you and please, post more!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Bring up those saxes! I want to hear them!

    - m
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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Very easy on the ears but still keeps your interest.


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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Gunther, I am glad that you liked my song. I was trying to get something easy on the ears.

    Markleford, I wanted to horns to be in the background so they would not drown out the flutes. I am going to see if I can bring the horns out more.
    Thanks for listening and your suggestion.

    Phil, I appreciate your taking time to listen. Thanks.


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    Re: so easy (jabb jazz song)

    Ahhhh... easy over it is, Jay; lovely job on this,
    a real pleasure. Going to leave this one loop for
    a while, I think.

    Jay, listening on speakers, a couple of thoughts.
    Maybe pull the bass down (volume) very, very
    slightly; and perhaps a little more room, on the flute
    mostly... that sounds a tad cold to me.

    Much enjoyed!


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