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Topic: The ghost of the little violinist

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    The ghost of the little violinist

    Hi guys,

    Long time no see. I'm very sorry, but in this long period I had a lot to do for school and piano. Now that I'm in holiday I hope I can post some of my new works. Today, I want to set to your attention a small violin piece I composed today. This piece is about a metropolitan legend I read some days ago: it's about a little girl about 5 or 6 that played the violin divinely. But was a strange little girl: she never spoke with anyone, she was white in his face and she had big, dreadful white eyes (she was blind). One day, her house set on fire. Her parents ran away from the house, but the little violinist stayed in there, playing on her violin a strange melody. The day after, her pale body was recovered. The strange was that she had no burns. She was intact, but without life and with a diabolic smile on her face. They celebrated her funeral the day after and she was buryed in the town graveyard. But, in the night of the next day, her parents saw her ghost playing the melody she played in the evening of the fire. In the morning, they found the two parents of the girl dead in their living room. The causes of the death where inexplicable and the police filed the case as unexplainable. And from that day, every night, at 1.11 A.M., you can hear, in distance, the melody played by the little violinist that wanders for the streets of the city, playing her enigmatic melody. This piece, titled 'The Ghost of the little violinist', is from a new album I'm writing: 'Legends of ghosts and other mysteries', inspired to a dossier I found weeks ago on the network. In this piece (that is the number 9 of the album), I tried to recreate the melody that the little girl plays...a melody full of tension and un-melodic. In this work I used an older version of the Stradivari solo violin (I don't have the newest ) and a Cathedral preset of the Garritan Ambience. All written and rendered with Finale 2007. I hope you'll enjoy this piece.

    The Ghost of the little violinist



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    Re: The ghost of the little violinist

    Check your link. It is not working.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: The ghost of the little violinist

    Hello, Andrea

    There's a mistake on your link--I checked properties, and the problem is that "http://" was inserted twice in the URL.



    That's quite a story you posted to go with this--And the description of your current album project is also very interesting!

    It's nice to hear again that the Stradivari solo violin in GPO is still very useful musically, even though of course the newer library dedicated to bringing that one instrument to life is extremely sophisticated in comparison.

    Using the large Cathedral setting in Garritan Ambience helps not only with the spooky mood of your piece, but helps blur the deficiencies in the GPO Strad.

    The piece itself is quite atmospheric and went in a different direction than I'd imagined it would after reading your text and before making the link work. It's good to surprise your listeners! I thought perhaps there would be a more child-like, rhythmic composition, but sufficiently twisted as to be appropriate.

    This is menacing, even threatening, and quite effective.

    One technical point--it sounds like notes are overlapping in an unrealistic way during faster passages, but part of that could be due to the large reverb program.

    Allow me to say, Interesting!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The ghost of the little violinist

    Thanks for the comment. I'm happy you liked my piece. Anyway, the link is now correct!

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    Re: The ghost of the little violinist

    Hello again, Andrea

    It would be good if you could edit your original post and fix that link. Not everyone is going to see that I have the corrected link posted on my reply.

    Just now you said, "...It's a bug of the oldest version of the Strad..."

    And with that I think you were referring to my comment about the overlapping notes?

    But that isn't a "bug"--a bug being a flaw that creeps into software programming. The Strad in GPO is polyphonic so its easily possible to play the occassional two or three note chord. The new Garritan Stradivari program takes care of things in a very clever way--The default mode is appropriately monophonic, but if you play two notes at the same time, the program automatically goes into a temporary polyphonic mode to accomodate that chord. Then it shifts back to mono mode.

    With the GPO Strad, all one needs to do is some note editing. I use Sonar, so in my Piano Roll View, with this piece, I would get a visual of each note's length, and simply do modifications so there's only a slight overlap, and of course, No overlap when I want detached notes.

    MIDI editing is all that's required--that's why this issue isn't a "bug." If you do that, the performance will be much more realistic.

    Thanks again for an unusual post!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The ghost of the little violinist

    Ok, I'll keep your suggestions in mind for the future. Very thanks for all.
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    Re: The ghost of the little violinist

    My heavens, what a story!

    Fine work on this, very atmospheric and directly on the
    mark with the topical material.

    Well done, Andrea.

    My best,


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