Hey everyone,

I did a string arrangement for a local singer/songwriter name Chris Picco (.ca, I think). It's kinda like a Leonard Cohen piece, but I was referred to some Nick Drake for arrangement style guidlines.

Since a) the cut didn't make the album, and b) I haven't been paid in full yet, I'd like to share this rough mix of our final cut (Not mastered):

Chris Picco-Robinson Crusoe

It's not without it's imperfections (Tuning issues mostly, due to a lack of direction in the session: true producer responsibility was never correctly assigned, and monitoring arrangements were less than Ideal), but it's still a pleasure to work with real string players in the studio. Ideas were sketched using Opus 1 strings, then recorded using two players (violin and viola) in two passes for a quartet. All in all, I'm quite proud of my contribution to the tune.

Hope you like!