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Topic: George Enescu Composition Competition

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    George Enescu Composition Competition

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else is entering the International "George Enescu" Composition Competition in Romania. The deadline is june 15th if you have something to submit. and there is no registration fee. I'm submitting a piece that i posted here a few months ago called "Beginnings and Endings in Time"
    here's a link if you're interested in listening.


    It's all GPO, but it's still a rough mix. you get the idea though. I haven't had time to really get into the expression. Like I said, I've posted this before, but I would appreciate any coments. thanks

    here's a link to the contest also, if you have something ready to submit:

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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition


    another goddammed competition with an age limit!

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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition


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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition

    Hi, Greg

    Thanks for the posting! I hadn't heard it before.

    I declare you the winner, I don't care what else the judges listen to--This is great!

    Imbalances and roughness in the mix all ignored, as per your request--it's a perfectly presentable recording. I loved the composition. Exciting, superb!

    ---ah, I didn't go look at the site after seeing qccowboy's frustrated reaction. That is too bad that competitions seem to favor young people, with the apparent concept of "finding the composers of tomorrow today!"--when there are plenty of other people beyond youthful years who are quietly producing music nobody ever hears. Ah well.

    I wish you all the best with this!

    Randy B.

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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition

    "Copland on the Beach"? :-)

    Very nice. Lots of fun to listen to. And lots of hard work, I'm sure.

    I'm curious about how conscious of stylistic influences you were as
    you composed this? I read your bio and know that you're not a
    'babe in the woods'. I hear lots of Coplandesque melodies, harmonies,
    and rhythms mixed with minimalist techniques (especially Reich:
    Vermont Counterpoint and Music for 18 Musicians).

    And what's with that single sustained note with the 'overtone' fading in
    and out? A nod to Spectralism? ;-)

    Again, very nice. Continuously inventive and entertaining (in a good
    way). Best of luck with the competition.

    - k

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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition

    Best of luck. A lot of good energy - driving, but not mechanical. The forward seems organic, and not just a process driven aspect. Hope that made sense...

    Thanks for posting/sharing this.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition

    the website said there is a 100 Euro registration fee, but you said there is none? nice piece by the way, good luck.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition

    Thanks to everyone for your kind replies,

    Thanks for declaring me the winner. you can send my 10,000 euro to my paypal account. It is true that most of the competeitions out ther seem to have an age limit, and I just barely made this one. won't be able to do this much longer.

    yes, it was lots of work. I'm glad it's done, but it was a thrill to work on.
    I wasn't aware of the coplandisms while I was writing, until I started playing it for people and almost everyone pointed it out. I knew there was some reich in there in places, in fact the structure is a form of phasing, but its done in meter as opposed to time as reich did it. i was mostly trying to adhere to this strict predetermined metric structure while harmonizing by ear. But it is true, copland and reich are in my top 5 influences.
    the sustained note falls at the center of the piece and I wanted an extreme contrast to all of the rhythmic counterpoint and i think the listener needs a break by then also. it may be a nod to george crumb, but in a non scary way.

    not sure what you mean by forward, but the piece is highly process driven and it was my goal to create a structure that i could compose "onto". without having it sound too "postmodern" (not that there's anything wrong with that)

    I was confused about the fee too, so I wrote to them and asked. the fee only applies to the violin and piano competition. don't know why, but it's good.

    thanks again everyone, i truly appreciate the comments.

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    Re: George Enescu Composition Competition


    A powerful, fascinating composition. Even through the
    rough mix, there's a loud "Bravo!" waiting for this one!
    My kind of ride, Greg... loved every second of it.

    All good wishes in the competition -- this piece is most
    definitely a very strong contender... on any stage.

    Quote Originally Posted by qccowboy
    another g*d competition with an age limit!
    Michel, perhaps a fake birth certificate... lol? Or perhaps
    we should start our own competition for old guys.

    All my best,


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