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Topic: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

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    Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

    EDIT: Monday, June 11th--adding link to a new mix (below)

    Inspired by Darwin's beautiful rendition of The Beatles' "Because" recently posted here, and also by the Kronos Quartet's version of "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix, I recorded a string quartet version of "Drive My Car" by Lennon and McCartney.

    Two Garrison Strads, with the GPO solo Cello 1 and solo Viola.

    The key and tempo are the same as the original version of this somewhat quirky rock-blues number. I added a third harmony as the piece progresses, and also a transition into a key change towards the end.

    Try counting the opening--It's odd. I read on a website analyzing The Beatles' music that the opening two measures of this song are probably the most rhythmically confusing of all their recordings! Unexpectedly off-beat considering the straight forward and repetitive nature of the song itself.

    This was also a personal challenge I set for myself. I'm always amazed when people here in The Listening Room sometimes say, "Here's something I did this morning" --a project in One day?? It's beyond me. Minimum of several weeks or even months for the things I've posted here. I decided to see how fast I could do a project.

    This wasn't all in one day, but close to it. I recorded the parts on Friday afternoon, then yesterday morning I did the mix and mastering in about 4 hours.

    This was Great fun to do with the Strad, supported by the GPO solos.

    The 40th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper was last week, as duly noted in the General Discussion Forum--I'm arriving just a tad late with this small tribute.

    EDIT: New mix based on Ray's observations on the first mix---How's This my pal in Stirling?


    Randy B.

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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute


    - m
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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

    Enjoyed your rendition of that old Beatles tune. It sounds quite sophisticated and well done.

    I listened to Rubber Soul after Revolver which is when I started taking the band seriously, not being a screaming teenie bopper.

    Here they were still a songwriting team but soon they would start heading in different directions.


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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute


    You've proved your point. It is difficult to do a "five minute job" with any piece. The Strads are so in your face in this they swamp the celloist who seems to be 20 feet behind them. That's where the cello would be if the room they played in was that big and didn't have padded walls. Yes that old chestnut again "reverb". Also you've chopped the start a bit tight, only 40ms I usually allow at least 500ms. I feel there are not enough level adjustments in the instrument lines but as you said that takes many hours to get right. Not bad though.

    My Best


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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

    Kind of like the Kronos Quartet! A lot of fun, Randy. This arrangement works really well - I wouldn't have thought it a good idea, but then you keep making me change my mind on what would or would not be a good idea!

    Nice way to start the day!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

    I love this!

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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

    Wow--nice pile of responses to this little project. Thank you much, all!

    Stephen--So glad you enjoyed! I too would enjoy hearing the Gofriller Cello on this. I needed more aggressiveness than I could manage with the GPO Cello. Well, the Gof. is at the top of my Studio Wish List!

    Thank you also, Markleford. When I posted this, I was thinking this could be something you'd enjoy--glad you did!

    Fastlane-Phil--Thanks for the thumbs up. When The Beatles first hit The States, I wasn't yet tuned in to pop music. I was at a tender enough age that even their earliest happy-go-lucky Anglicized versions of rock-n-roll grabbed me. Then I kept riding along with them, and still do via my Beatles vinyl collection.

    Ray! Thanks for the sound check. And let me add that it's Very good to see on this Forum again. It'd be fun to do another mix of this, I'll run it by you when I have it.

    Thank ye, Gunther, for the applause.

    Ron-Rpearl--Appreciate the reference to Kronos Quartet. I used one of their excellent CDs as a reference for balances and reverb. Their recordings were the first where I heard an excellent quartet tackling such a huge variety of styles, and doing such amazing work with all of them.

    conwaylemmon--Glad you stopped in and had a good time!

    Randy B. (the "B" is for Beatles Fan)

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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute

    I think you did a very good job on this.........I can still remember listening to rubber soul and sgt. pepper, and a hard days night in my room over and over and over again.........Gosh what memories.......I used to have them on Capitol records and on V-Jay records........I loved them lp's..... .....in the divorce my ex set them on concrete and did the twist while standing on them..... ........................some days ya just gotta laugh cause it hurts too much to cry................but hey........I got em on dc's now!!!!!!!!


    ps I'm still singing the darn tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    three year old E machine
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    Re: Drive My Car - a string quartet tribute


    A very good job indeed.

    Imagine how it could have sounded using a quartet of expressive solo instruments.

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