I just noticed, peering "under the hood" in Kontakt2, that the GPO Violins1 Mutes is the same samples as the regular violins, but with a different EQ setting applied. Now, some people might think this is a diss on the "real-ness" of the GPO mutes, but actually, I've been liking these mutes more than other (more expensive) libraries' mutes and trying to match the timbre for layering purposes has been difficult. And the only reason I was looking around for another library to beat the GPO mutes was cause I was hoping for more variety, downstrokes, upstrokes, etc. within the category of mutes. So my question is- can't I just apply this "mutes EQ" to the Up and Down bowstrokes groups and, if so, wouldn't it have been easier (and more CPU efficient) to program the library with some kind of controller on/off to act as a mute instead of loading the same samples twice?