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Topic: newbie question

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    newbie question

    Hi! Newbie here, I am thinking of buying the Garritan software. Just curious about how it actually works. The info at the website says there is a keyboard, a pedal and a modwheel (see the picture at http://www.garritan.com/GPO-control.html ). But I understood that the Kontakt Player is a software type of instrument visible on the computer screen. And that when I purchase the package I get one DVD-ROM (that's what it says on the order page), and not any keyboard player with a pedal as such. The info provided for a beginner is rather misleading. OK, if it is a keyboard that is visible on-screen, how do I "control the attack and accentuation of each note", etc? By pressing the keys with a mouse? How do I use the pedal? Is the actual producing of music anything like pictured on the page address above? Also, the site seems also otherwise not updated in a while - for example "Listen to the radio station" doesn't seem to work. The demos page first presents a list but soon opens a new list, etc. The forum seems still lively so I guess the product is still supported and updated?
    Many thanks for any info,
    Best regards

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    Re: newbie question

    If you have already have an external MIDI keyboard hooked to your computer, you can play GPO instruments in the same way as shown in the animation on the page you linked to. However, you can also use a sequencer (or a notation program like Overture 4) to send the necessary MIDI data that the GPO instruments will respond to.

    GPO does not come with a physical keyboard as shown in the animation (unfortunately ). It does work through a Kontakt player, which has a little keyboard display that you can click on with the mouse to play notes, but to really send GPO the necessary MIDI data that will change an instrument's sound, you will need either an external MIDI keyboard or a sequencer. (And you'll most likely need a sequencer anyway to write your music. Many GPO users record their own MIDI keyboard playing into a sequencer, where the recorded MIDI data can then be further edited and tweaked.)

    Hope this helps!

    Oh, and yes, GPO is certainly still updated and supported, this forum is the right place for it.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: newbie question

    its looks like sean gave you the info you needed, but i'll say a little more. garritan products don't need a keyboard at all, thats if you are very good at notating. with that said, i would suggest getting a keyboard and MAKE SURE IT HAS A MOD WHEEL (and if you're going to get the Strad or Gof, and i think maybe JABB, try and get a keyboard with aftertouch - i recommend the M-Audio Axioms). you might even want a sustain and expression pedal, but those are just nice extras.

    with all that said i realize it sounds like it might be a little pricy, and in the end it is, but sooooooooooo worth it. the garritan stuff is as low priced as i think it can possibly be, and much lower than anything else out there - but that does not mean the quality suffers (i really think its like 10 times better than most libraries out there). i would just start out with getting the garritan stuff and maybe a keyboard, then take it from there.

    and about the site not being updated for a while - the main page is updated once every 4 months from what i've noticed (should be a lot more in my opinion). that makes it look a little misleading and might make new users think that the company is going under, or they have terrible customer support. the fact is though that the forum is where you need to look for info. it is the most active forum i have ever seen, and thats where gary puts all the info about updates and whatnot.

    i hope this was helpful, and good luck with everything.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: newbie question

    Many thanks for the info, both of you. Sorry my ignorance at first. I'll definitely give it a go

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