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Topic: Russian Sounds?

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    Russian Sounds?

    Did anyone ever buy the Library 'Russian Ethnic Vocals' from www.russiansounds.com? It was a great library (at least from the demos) of folk singing. For a while the site said it wasn't available at the moment, so I've been periodically going there to see whether it was back in production, and today the site seems to have been bought by a different type o business altogether - every link now looks so dodgy that I don't dare explore to see whether the sample CD is still there behind any of them.

    Does anyone know anything about this disc and where it went?

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    Talking Re: Russian Sounds?

    My first two associations, when I read the thread title where; Stalin Organ and the sounds Russians make when they digest Borsjt!

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    Re: Russian Sounds?

    I know that this is not what you want... And I'm not making any kind of fun of you...

    but firefox describes the site as:

    Russian nudist Families, Legal Services...

    sorry but this is funny as hell! I'm all to go and explore further this site. I do want to get 2nd time married to an unknown illegal immigrant from Russia somehow, somewhere who will kill me for my debit (not credit) cards or something.

    More on topic:

    I know nothing of the samples you talk about Pingu, sorry. and as a Greek orthodox (mainly in papers for the religion part), I do say that I totally adore all russian realted issues, and I love Russian music, and know many russian people who are top notch people!

    Still Russian nudist Families, is FUNNY!

    I'm off to search for my next wife now!

    (Pingu, was it phrases, or something else? Cause I presonally don't really value phrases that much. Only becasue everyone uses them. Not for another reason. Same reason I don't fancy premade (ultra realistic) phrase in orchestral samples. They all sound the same. Same goes for plenty of stuff out (including sfx actually, where I've learned i. to pay for them, not go for free mediocre stuff, and ii. to work on them and make them a tad different)

    Can't go more OT, now can I?

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    Re: Russian Sounds?

    Hi Nikolas
    I found an old review of the disc, from which it would seem that it was mainly phrases.


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    Re: Russian Sounds?

    Native Russian vol . 1

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    Re: Russian Sounds?

    The cool thing about Russian samples is you don't have to buy it... Because they don't by ours do they?

    Go P2P nobody's gonna complain.

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    Re: Russian Sounds?

    Quote Originally Posted by moosethree
    Native Russian vol . 1
    Thanks Moosethree - I'd actually seen these already, but they don't really cover the same kind of ground as the missing library.

    Quote Originally Posted by geronimo001
    Go P2P nobody's gonna complain.
    I'm not sure where I'd stand on that. I realise that Russia are quite cavalier with copyrights from the rest of the world, and the disc seems to hae ceased to exist anyway, but I'm not still not sure I could...

    ...plus I don't know where you start looking for things like that. I have pupils who offer me films on DVD the day before their cinema premieres, and they find it really funny that I don't have a clue how they do it.

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    Re: Russian Sounds?


    In all honesty I could teach you a thing or two... But it's not nice now is it

    I'm curious to what all the kind people against piracy would think about this case over at Garritan Forums? teeheehee...

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