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Topic: Turner Classic Competition

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    Turner Classic Competition

    This was my first entry (and my first failure) to the Turner Classic Young Composers Competition. It's entirely scored using GPO.

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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    Excellent work, Coriolano!

    Being a fan of both silent movies and of music composed for stage and screen, I was instantly interested in opening up your post.

    It's a beautiful job you did, Coriolano, underlining the emotional action of the scene very well, and fulfilling the dramatic demands of the scene.

    I understand you were saying that you didn't win the competition, but I'd like to suggest not using the word "failure" in relation to yourself and your work. You didn't "fail"--your entry simply wasn't selected.

    There's an expression we have in theatre when auditioning for a part in a play and someone else is cast in the role--"Oh, they're doing That version of the play"--Meaning that for reasons completely beyond our control, the director felt the other actor best fit his preconceptions of what the character is like. He's directing That version of the play, not the version where You would have been the better choice

    You have something in common with our own esteemed Listening Room regular, Jerry W. He also submitted a piece for the Turner Classic Competition. Here's the link to his thread so you can take a look/listen at what he did:


    Thanks for the music, Coriolano, and congratulations on the fine work!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    awesome piece. i saw your entry and jerry's on this forum and they were both really good. i'm curious to see what the finalists did, because these both fit the scene incredibly well. if i were you i'd save that scene and you could show it if you were looking for a job in that field. the music was great and the timing was perfect. i don't know what else to say other than keep it up, and it looks like you really know what you're doing. take it easy.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    Thanks Randy and Keith for your positive comments. When I entered the competition I was pretty sure it was going to be hard. I know there are very talented composers taking part on it, many of them actually more skillfull, more pacient and more devoted than myself. But anyway it's always a little disapointment not being selected, even when you don't have many chances.
    But there is also another question that raises on these moments: how good/bad is your work? It's not easy to evaluate your own music. You can't be neutral. So this is why I appreciate well thought comments, either positive or negative. They help you to make a more accurate idea of how your music sounds.
    Thanks again for taking the time to listen my work.

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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    Ah, what do they know... lol. Seriously, Coriolano,
    I think you did a fine job on this. The matching of
    emotive tone to the visuals was dead on the mark,
    the music well rendered and technically well done.

    My best,


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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    Ah, that's the same scene I did, and .... Wow, your music fits the scene wonderfully! Great orchestration; I love the ending, when it seems to change from sad and gloomy to more of a sweet sorrow. Beautiful work. (Hope you don't mind, I made a little comment on the video as well.)
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    I agree with the others, you did a terrific job of this - the timing is great and the mood is appropriate. You have adopted a narrow stereo setting, which is appropriate as well.

    Good job.

    It is indeed saddening to see someone see their creative work as a failure!

    In my rather protracted job hunting experience, which is still ongoing, a sales manager friend recently said to me "every rejection brings you one step closer to the success". Adopting this has made my search so much more bearable and spurred me on to more sustained efforts.

    If you adopt this philosophy, as I have with my job hunting, you can only see your efforts as successes.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best Regards,


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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolano
    This was my first entry (and my first failure) to the Turner Classic Young Composers Competition. It's entirely scored using GPO.
    Hi Coriolano,

    I must say - I was very impressed with your score. I have watched several entries this year and have been impressed with a lot of them. You really captured, in my mind, the essense of that scene. The swell where they embrace gave me goosebumps.

    Keep doing this. You are gifted.

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    Re: Turner Classic Competition

    I think the music perfectly matched the mood of the movie -- and it was perfectly timed as well! Very nice! I am going to forward the you tube page to a friend of mine who is also interested in writing for movies. Thanks for posting this!


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