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Topic: Waiting for...

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    Waiting for...

    the day when NOTION has 20th century modernist techniques at my disposal. I'm a big fan of tone clusters, aleatorism, quarter tones, and other alternative playing techniques that were founded in the modernist period. I know with clusters, it's just a matter of notating it out with the current instruments. But there are other sounds that would be cool to have at one's disposal for modernist writing. Horn rips would be a good one!

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    Re: Waiting for...

    Mmm.. yes horns rips and other modern techniques are great!! I fully agree with you. Notion is slowly becoming my weapon of choice when it comes to composing music. Some of the samples even have the edge over some of my other sample libraries (not in sonic quality, but in regards to realism of tone/timbre).

    I also can't wait for the day when Notion's samples are more uncompressed and at a higher bit rate (mainly brass samples). For me, there's just a slight bridge to cross in regards to overtaking my dedicated libraries. Notion's almost there, but not quite (sonically speaking).

    Oh, one last item. The day that Notion is able to incorporate more film scoring tools like importing quicktime movies will be one glorious day for me!

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    Re: Waiting for...

    btw: do you think that one day there will be a way in Notion to have convincing sounding fast string runs and repeated notes without the synthy sound or machine gun effect? Again, while there are things I can write successfully in Notion that sound completely synthy on a dedicated library, there's still a ways to go in terms of realism.

    The great thing with Notion is that finally I'm getting closer towards being able to actually 'write' realistically for orchestra without making compositional adjustments because of the quality of playback. Hopefully one day Notion will fully succeed in that area!

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    Re: Waiting for...

    Re: Higher Bitrate Samples

    We have them at 96k. We edited them side-by-side with the 44.1k samples. Unfortunately, even the high end consumer-level computers can't process these kinds of samples the way NOTION processes them. Basically, if we gave them to you, your machine would crash. Be we have them and hope to eventually be able to make them available to you.

    Re: Film Tools

    This is something else we'd love to be developing, but other things have consumed our dev team, and this has been moved down on our list of priorities. We have many film scorers on staff here, and they are clamoring for the same kinds of improvements that you are, so I'm confident it's on the horizon.

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    Re: Waiting for...

    Thanks again Jason! As always, it's nice to know that the Notion team is working to make a better product and is so involved with the customers. I'm eagerly awaiting the further development of this product, because if the this company's track record is any indication, it looks to be a very promising future

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