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Topic: Freeverb vs. SIR

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    Freeverb vs. SIR

    I'm starting to explore the convolution reverb universe, and I'm not quite ready to drop on Altiverb or Gigapulse or anything like that. Can anyone compare the relative strengths and weakness of Freeverb and SIR? Especially, can anyone enumerate the benfits of the big boys like Altiverb when compared to a free app like freeverb?


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    Re: Freeverb vs. SIR

    Quote Originally Posted by raweber
    Especially, can anyone enumerate the benfits of the big boys like Altiverb when compared to a free app like freeverb?
    Simply, it produces a more realistic, better sound. Download the demo and hear for yourself.

    Even to an untrained ear, the difference will be noticed.

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    Re: Freeverb vs. SIR

    It should considering the price. It's a little out of the price range for a hobbyist.

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    Re: Freeverb vs. SIR

    So, what is the general opinion of the free IRs available currently at various websites? There sure are enough of them...

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    Re: Freeverb vs. SIR

    I'm sure some of the free IR's are OK.. I have not used them myself.. I have used only commercial engines and IRs. however..

    With orchestral work especially, it is a very demanding medium to make it sound real, and so many of the instruments out there just sound a -tad- off from being real, that having a really high quality IR can make all the difference when it comes to being able to fool someone that a sampled performance is real.

    AltiVerb has amazing IRs like Phillips Hall and Vienna Conzerthaus, and they have the expensive equipment to capture the stuff with the best detail possible, whereas most other manufacturers call their stuff generic names like "Medium Hall" b/c they used "JimBob's Dance Hall Spectacular" located across the street from the Reverb engine maker b/c it's nice and cheap to make an IR someplace local instead of flying mic's and engineers to other countries to do IRs at fancy places that are renowned for their acoustics, which is what Altiverb does.

    I switched from GigaPulse to Altiverb a while back based on DPDAN's recommendation and it resulted in a large improvement in the realism of the pieces I work on. I found the default "Phillips Hall" in Altiverb works great for most orchestral stuff, much better than any of the built in halls in GigaPulse. In my opinion, Altiverb improved the realism of all my sample libraries. (It also cut down on my CPU usage compared to GigaPulse so that I could run more simultaneous instances)

    There is also a powerful way in Altiverb to create an virtual orchestral soundstage to place your different samples at different locations on a virtual stage. While you can do this somewhat with almost any reverb engine through the use of a combination of wet/dry and panning settings, with AltiVerb they actually appear to have actually recorded seperate reverbs for each stage position by placing a speaker sending out a sine-wave in each stage position, judging by the photographs they have on their website. However they do it, they detail in their docs how to set up a single tail and use the different stage positioning with the early reflections only, which I've done and works great.

    However to see what works best for you, download some demos and do comparisons - Altiverb has a demo that comes with a bunch of good IRs and sends out a beep every minute or so, but comparing that with SIR/freeverb and free IRs will probably give you a good idea as to the quality of the free IRs that are available versus what you get with Altiverb and how much of a difference you hear.

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