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Topic: Defining Staves/Channels in Finale

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    Defining Staves/Channels in Finale

    Hi. New Finale user... I've been attempting to lay out a score in Finale with the Staff tool, but haven't been able to actually add any new instruments. Any staff I add is "linked" to either the first staff in the score (Piccolo) or whichever staff I select and insert it above. I say "linked" in the sense that the staves are copies of each other; any change in channel, GM instrument, etc. automatically applies to the other(s). I've looked through all the menus, the instrument list, and everything, but I've found no way to stop one change from applying to every new staff and the staff it is based off of. This sort of situation in Overture 4 could be corrected simply by opening the Track Window and changing the MIDI channels of the staves (having the same channel caused them to be linked). However, changing the MIDI channel of one staff in Finale, like any change, applies to all the other affected staves.

    Any idea how to tear these staves apart? It feels really counterintuitive.

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    Re: Defining Staves/Channels in Finale

    You need to use the Instrument dialog (under the Windows pull-down) to define the instruments and channels.

    What you want to do is set this up once and save it as a template so you don't have to go throught the rigamarole every time.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Defining Staves/Channels in Finale

    You need to create a New Instrument for each new staff in the Instrument List.

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    Re: Defining Staves/Channels in Finale

    What you may be overlooking is that whenever you add a new staff ("manually"), Finale automatically assigns it to channel 1. So, you wind up with a list of instrument sharing the same channel. Change one, you change them all.

    On the instrument list, you will need to use the drop-down, "Add New Instrument" and follow that screen to add the patch and channel number to assign to that instrument.

    A much faster way is to use the setup wizard when creating a new score. In this case, channels are created appropriately. Then the only time you need to touch the instrument list is when you add an additional staff.

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    Re: Defining Staves/Channels in Finale

    Oops, sorry to put you guys through the motions. I did track down the answer to this a while ago. I'll be sure to add a "never mind" to future sealed inquiries. Thanks for the help, though.

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