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Topic: How Do I Turn on Strad After Touch?

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    How Do I Turn on Strad After Touch?

    I have been exploring the Strad 2 and it is amazing. I have now experimented successfully with all the controllers save one: I cannot figure out how to get aftertouch to affect the vibrato in any way.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion? My signal path:

    Axiom 61 (with aftertouch turned on) sends Midi to a MOTU Midi Express XT,which then feeds Digital Performer on the MAC; the output of DP is then sent to Kontakt Player on my PC (through an RME card).

    Any ideas? Is there a setting in Kontakt Player that has to be set?

    When I press the key there is no audible change in the vibrato rate.

    Thanks to anyone with ideas.

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    Re: How Do I Turn on Strad After Touch?

    As far as I know, the Strad has the aftertouch on by default (and I think it's always on). So maybe some element in your MIDI chain is filtering aftertouch. You can download MIDI Monitor here: http://www.snoize.com/ It's a MIDI monitor, but since I'm a PC guy I have never tried it, I was going to point you to MIDIOX, but it's PC only, and this one seems like its Mac equivalent. Then use it to monitor your Axiom's incoming MID, without starting Digital Performer and watch for Aftertouch data. If you can't see any, then maybe it's something with your Axiom, or the Motu Midi Xpress. If the monitor reads aftertouch data, then it should be on Digital Performer's side, but again, I've never used it. Cubase has a MIDI filter in preferences menu, so I'm sure DP has something similar.

    Hope to have helped.

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    Re: How Do I Turn on Strad After Touch?

    Thanks for the ideas . . . they worked, and of course now I feel silly for what turned out to be an easy fix.

    In Digital Performer there is a "Set Input Filter" under the setup menu where you can select which data is recorded. Aftertouch was not selected; when I did select it, all worked as it should.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: How Do I Turn on Strad After Touch?

    These things happen. We're here to help each other. I'm happy it works now. Now go and have fun with that marvelous instrument!

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