I can create a new instrument track in DP5 with the source being KP2.

Cannot set the output of the MIDI track to KP2, GPO, or JABB. They simply do not show up on the list of MIDI device destinations. I presume when I do get this working only various channels of KP2 will display as MIDI devices in DP5 and not GPO or JABB. All other AU items seem to work correctly just not KP2.

Some of the things I have tried include:
  • rebooting
  • launching KP2 before DP5 launch
  • loading multis before DP5 launch
  • launching DP5 before KP2 and almost every combination of launch order
  • trashing AU info cache from digital performer folder in user library
  • repaired permissions
  • frequently testing with new projects and newly created instrument and MIDI tracks in case of corrupted projects (which has happened to me under older versions of DP)
I have read everything I can find. It is possible and even likely to be user error but I am stumped. I have exhausted support options with NI and Garritan. I have had trouble getting through for tech support with MOTU but will keep trying.

Any ideas?