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Topic: good simple trumpet library?

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    good simple trumpet library?


    i am looking for a good trumpet/bugel sound for jazz.
    i cant use any keyswitching etc since i will be using it with my wx5 windcontroller.
    Ive got a xv2020 roland hardware sampler with a pretty decent trumpet sound in it. so it can be done.
    i will be loading it into Reason, but any format will do. lots of velocity layers cant be used. so it needs to be a simple but good sample.


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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    I highly recommend getting Wallander Instruments' WIVI Trumpet Section VSTi as soon as it is available. It is easily at the top of the field, right now. While it is only immediately available in WIVI Brass 1, the company that makes it is working to make the instruments available in sections. The 3 trumpets from brass 1 should soon be available as a more affordable split section.

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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    Bart, i too would highly recomend Wallander Instruments. I posted a Maynard Feruson-like lead trumpet mp3 on their demo-mp3 portion of their website at http://www.wallanderinstruments.com/...in_Maynard.mp3 if you want to hear some of it's capabillities. I also just sent them a "Don Ellis" type mp3 late last night doing quarter tone playing, as well as using an echoplex-like vst and a ring modulator vst. Fun stuff...you'll have to forgive my playing skills, but it at least gives you the idea. I believe that they will also be selling individual instruments in the near future. Hope this helps! Take care. Jaime

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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    thanks Chris,

    thing is i am on a mac.. and its not available for mac.
    besides that, i really need my setup for live playing to be simple.. so i would love to keep all sounds in Propperlerheads Reason.

    i will check it out when the mac version is available.

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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    Bart, I believe the Mac version is just about done. Also, this is as simple and expressive as it comes. There is nothering better! Jaime

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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    that is good news.
    i would love to hear some jazz examples..
    with alot less reverb than the samples on the site are using.

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    Re: good simple trumpet library?


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    Re: good simple trumpet library?


    If you are looking for a strong lead pop/jazz trumpet sample library with extreme power in the upper register, you might want to check out my trumpet library. It is called, "Screaming Trumpet" and features Wayne Bergeron (check out his website if you get a chance: www.waynebergeron.com).

    The library features 1714 samples. The libary supports multiple formats (Kontakt, Giga, EXS24, and Reason). If you go to my website, you can hear some demos. All of the ones I did were composed 100% in Reason. One of them is a Screaming version of Taps...


    Best wishes,
    Jeff Steinman

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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    I can vouch for screaming trumpets. I am going to be reviewing it soon (Wusik Sound Magazine) and I already am seriously impressed! The sound quality is outstanding, the scripting seems solid and it's very very playable.

    My review will, of course, be in-depth.

    WIVI is another fantastic brass instrument - this one a true vsti - and currently not on the Mac, though I hear the Mac version is soon coming. Although this instrument is mostly modelled, it sounds amazingly good (in the right hands). I will be reviewing this instrument before screaming trumpets (it's next on the list).


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    Re: good simple trumpet library?

    I also like screaming trumpets, It has some really nice legato and stacatto trumpet sounds, with good programming can turn out a good performance. Specially like some of the vibrato and legato patches, work really well. I usually use this in the front paired with another group trumpet sound from another library to get a thicker horn section. My only wish would be that there were a little more velocity layers with the trumpets with screaming trumpets.

    I have gotten good comments with my trumpet use using this library.

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