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Topic: Help with Kirk Hunter Strings ?

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    Exclamation Does Kontakt 2.2 work in Cubase 4"

    I ordered the VS pro and am waiting for them to be shipped. Today I read in the native instrument forum that the Kontakt 2.2 upgrade is not working in Cubase 4.which is what I need to run Kirk Hunter Strings.I need to know If anyone is using the new VS pro strings in cubase 4 with the upgrade .I might have to cancel my order today before he ships them. Could use a quick response on this one. Thanks.

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    Re: Help with Kirk Hunter Strings ?


    I would change the title to "does Kontakt 2.2 work in Cubase 4", then you could probably expect more specific help.
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    Re: Help with Kirk Hunter Strings ?

    Hannes, Thanks for the advice.

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    Re: Help with Kirk Hunter Strings ?

    I'm not sure which specific update you're referring to, but both Kontakt 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 do indeed work in Cubase 4.

    - Chris
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    Re: Help with Kirk Hunter Strings ?

    Thanks Chris , It seams version 2.2.0 was not reloading after saving the whole project as a cubase file. I have 2.1.1 and everything works ok for me I was worried about installing 2.2.1 which again I need for the Kirk Hunter strings.

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