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Topic: Maranatha

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    So, finally, after hours and hours of work, at last I get to start one of those "newbie experiment #1" threads.

    This is the one that features the flutist who can miraculously play polyphony, but given that this is religious music, the odd miracle here and there is probably no bad thing:


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    Re: Maranatha

    Hi, diligamus

    You've produced a soothing, well done recording of a pleasant folk/hymn type of song. "Music hath charms..." I know my heart rate has calmed after listening. As you say at Sound Click, this is well suited for its purpose of setting the mood for a meditation.

    Clearly you wanted to minimize elements which would draw the attention of the listener away from the mood and towards any tension, drama or surprise in the music, and so variety is purposely kept to a minimum.

    That being said, something I was aware of while listening which activated my analytical brain a bit was how predictable it became as the melody was shared back and forth between Flute and Clarinet. I found myself wanting the pattern to be be broken at some point, and to have it build into a duet. But that was listening in a more critical mode and is purely my own subjective reaction.

    If I had closed my eyes and gone even more with the mood you created, I doubt I would have had any such passing thought about alternative structures.

    Thank you for the calming.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Maranatha

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser-
    I found myself wanting the pattern to be be broken at some point, and to have it build into a duet.
    Hi, Randy, thanks for this hint -- this is just what I need to hear, as after doing it for so many hours, I get so close to it I can't imagine it being any different! Thanks also for affirming you found it calming.

    It's designed for a very odd purpose, which is to make a 27-1/2 minute recording, with the middle 25 miutes being silence. So I figure the first minute has to be attractive enough to draw the listener's attention away from everyday concerns, but it should then become intentionally boring, so that the listener would rather meditate than hear any more of the music!

    BTW thanks also for the fast bouncing tip -- I am using that method now. Much quicker than real time audio recording!

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    Re: Maranatha

    Hello again, diligamus

    I'm glad my feedback was at all helpful. I really Did understand the choice of repetitive simplicity in your meditation piece, I just couldn't help mention my musician-oriented comment about the predictable nature of the two solos going back and forth.

    I noticed at Sound Click that you said on your site you have the version of this song with the 25 minutes of silence in the middle--That's so people can push Play and then meditate for that period of time, right?--and then there's a musical re-cap for the ending? Otherwise--Just hitting play and letting it end after the music would give people whatever amount of time for meditating afterwards.---Just thinking out loud, I think I understand why you did it the way you have.

    And I'm glad my little tip about bouncing tracks has helped. There are plenty more procedures which could probably be helpful to you, tucked away in your program's Help file.

    See you again soon.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Maranatha

    Nice work on this, diligamus; I wish my own early efforts
    had come out as well... lol.

    A curious use for the music, to bracket twenty-five minutes
    of silence... lol; so comments on arranging and composing
    probably aren't apt, in this case. One thought though might
    be substituting the English horn for the clarinet in this, as it
    is less brusque and may fit your intented purposes more



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    Re: Maranatha

    Good idea ... by a strange coinidence I just discovered the English horn setting this morning! Thanks for your encouragement.

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    Re: Maranatha

    Very beautiful writing here, diligamus! Very worshipful. As someone who regularly has to compose new stuff for music ministry, I can appreciate what you're doing here. I have a suggestions as far as the writing goes though...

    --The note lengths could be tweaked a bit for more fluidity. For example, the flute melody keeps cutting off abruptly for the clarinet and I think some of the "relaxing" effect is lost in that rough transition. I had a similar feeling toward the end when the strings make a few larger-than-expected jumps in the chord progression. There could be a bit of a lift-off in the first note to more effectively blend the two together.

    Take this with a grain of salt as always,
    There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Therefore there must be a God. You either get this one or you don't - Kreeft & Tacelli
    The will to achieve is not sufficient. Some things should not be achieved. - Rimsky-Korsakov
    Musicians are just these guys that want to make music. Okay, they want to have a wonderful lifestyle, but the majority just want to make really great music. - Jon Anderson

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    Re: Maranatha

    Quote Originally Posted by suspenlute
    Take this with a grain of salt as always,
    No, no -- these are just the kinds of hints and tips I need!

    Thank you for posting, Chris, and thanks also for the compliments -- they help too!

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