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Topic: Logic 7 & symphonic Choirs - What up?

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    Logic 7 & symphonic Choirs - What up?

    Okay so after 6 months of owning Symphonic choirs and never using it I've finally started digging in and trying to make this sucker work - but the logic files available on ~~~~~~~~~~~~ are for Logic 7.2 - I never even knew 7.2 was out! HOW did I miss that? Anyway - does anyone know:

    1) Where I can get Logic 7.2 - it seems to be missing from Apple.com

    2) Would anyone happen to know where I could find some REAL instructions on setting Logic up to use with Word Builder since all the East West instructions keep getting me no-where? HOW frustrating this thing is!


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    Re: Logic 7 & symphonic Choirs - What up?

    Symph Choirs really is a tough one to get going -- so confusing that it'll make you leave it on the shelf rather than just jump in -- but Sam Fischmann over at that "other website" had a great solution. Search their forums & you'll find a Logic autoload file for SYmph Choirs -- it has WOrdBuilder already set up for you, so you can jump right in. Or you can just contact him directly by phone through their tech support # and he can email it to you.

    Logic 7.2 was a paid upgrade -- but I remember it being pretty cheap -- which is why it didn't turn up in your Software Update.

    SC *IS* a pain in the butt to get started with, but give it a little time and you'll be amazed at the results you can achieve. Just be prepared for the learning curve!

    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: Logic 7 & symphonic Choirs - What up?

    The Logic 7.2 upgrade is here:

    They call it "Crossgrade", but that's the button you want to check. They then send you a CD ($49.) I don't think there's a download option, so the drag is you have to wait.

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    Re: Logic 7 & symphonic Choirs - What up?

    errr - how frustrating. I've actually got part of it to work with the templates, but I really need to import it into an existing file. I gave up because of my time line.

    The problem with the stuff on the developer's site is it's for Logic 7.2 - and I have 7.1.x So when I try to open it it tells me it's not a valid logic file.

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