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Topic: keyshift problem with cubase LE

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    keyshift problem with cubase LE

    I created a midifile (including human playback) with Finale 2007 and imported it in Cubase LE for further editing.
    The instruments are the notation version, 'cause I started out with Finale. In order to get legato and keyshift right I load the notation instruments for the imported file in cubase.
    The problem is that the keyshift for "open" doesn't transmit to the JABB. If I open the key editor in Cubase and press the c-2 (on the piano keyboard on the left side) the kontakt player doesn't respond. If I press C#-2 or any higher note the corresponding key goes down on the kontaktplayer.
    Why doesn't c-2 transmit ?
    I use JABB with kontakt player 1.

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    Re: keyshift problem with cubase LE

    CV, once your project is in your DAW, don't you need to use the regular non-notation version of the instruments?

    I'm not a Finale user, I do my work in Sonar, but used the Cubase LE bundled program for sequencing work at first. So, I could be wrong--But I thought that one uses the notation versions of instruments only when inside a notation program--?

    Randy B.

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    Re: keyshift problem with cubase LE

    Well, the point is that I do most of my work in Finale, when everything is as good as it gets in Finale I save it as a midifile and import it in cubase for final adjustments. Since Finale uses the notation versions of instruments the midifile (including HP) is made with corresponding legato cc and keyswitches, therefore I have to load the same instruments in cubase. Otherwise legato and keyshift doesn't work att all. (without extensive editing that is)
    One solution would be to change the legato controller (68?) to sustain pedal (65) but I don't know how to do that.
    I've tested to send the c-2 to other VST instruments, same problem there, all other notes except c-2 sounds.
    very strange

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    Re: keyshift problem with cubase LE

    Ok, I've found a way to work around the missing C-2, before saving the midifile in finale I change the legato controller to sustain pedal in HP preferences, just have to remember undoing that after I've saved the file.
    This way I can use the non-notation instruments, I just have to move the keyswitch triggers. I could of course change that in HP preferences, but it's probably faster to do it in cubase.

    It would of course be a lot easier if Cubase would transmit the C-2.
    I guess nothing comes easy in life.....

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