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Topic: Using Overture SE For First Time--!

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    Using Overture SE For First Time--!

    This is kind of fun--I get to be a neeeeewbie again.

    Before now I've never done much more than poke around a little at the Overture SE program that came with GPO. I've never had a need for printed scores fancier than the ones I can do in Sonar, so have never been concerned about learning Any notation program.

    But now I'd like to see about getting together a nice looking score of the "Drive My Car" string quartet piece I posted recently in The Listening Room.

    I've had quite a bit of success over the last 8 hours, installing the needed GPO Studio (which I had no need for previously) and importing my MIDI file, doing some basic editing, and etc--It's not very difficult to figure out.

    BUT, naturally enough I don't have it all figured out.

    The main problem I'm currently having is the dreaded dealing-with-triplets problem I've heard notation users moan about fairly often. Passages in the file were sometimes translated as triplets, similar or repeating passages were notated as groups of 16th notes--due to the slight difference in the way I played the piece.

    So far I can't manage to get all of those triplet (or maybe they shouldn't be triplets) passages to be consistent.

    Also, I haven't been able to find in my books, in the program, or on line, what the marking would be to indicate a bent note on a Violin--is there such a thing? Someone showed me a notation symbol used for guitars, but am not sure that would be appropriate? If there is no marking--then is there a word I should include, something Italian which people have to go look up to understand? Because scooped notes via string bending is critical to my arrangement--it has to be noted somehow in the score.

    EXPERIENCED HIP OVERTURE USERS---Will someone toss me a life saver and help me out? I could send you the .ove file I have so far and you could scrutinize things etc. A little online collab help? It sure would be appreciated. Garritan Forum Family kind of stuff at it's best--whaddya say?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Using Overture SE For First Time--!

    A follow up to this--Forum member REEGS stepped forward to help me out, and his assistance has been extremely helpful.

    Thank you, Reegs!

    Randy B.
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