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Topic: Routing question

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    Routing question


    I have a question concerning routing. If this is not the right subforum moderators please put it elsewhere.

    If I have a two computers network where the master triggers the slave via MidiOverLan and the slave sends its audio via soundcard to the master there are two ways of rerouting this audio, right?

    Szenario 1: I can either route the audio streams coming from the sever into audio inputs of the DAW program, each to an armed audio track.

    Szenario 2: Or I can use direct monitoring for these rerouted audio inputs.

    In the first case (routed to audio track) I have to face the added latency of the slave output, master input and output. That sums up. But the nice thing is that I can still use effects inside the DAW and, more important, route the signal to a bus in the DAW and automate that bus.

    In the second case (direct monitoring) I have nearly zero latency added, so the effective latency comes from the slave computer. But then all EQing and effects for that instruments have to take place inside the slave computer and, damn, I can not automate any buses for these signals.

    Or am I wrong? How can I have both small latency and automated buses?

    Thank you for any hint
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Routing question


    I don't know if its relevant to what you're trying to do, but FXteleport is IMO a good solution. Might be worth considering. I don't know if or how or why it removes the latency (I'm not technically minded) but I have no problems with latency using it.
    btw Did you sort out the Remote Desktop startup problem? I was going to answer on another forum, but I couldn't register (?).


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    Re: Routing question

    Thank you everybody,

    I have tried FX Teleport before but it was shaky on my system. I know there are users that have big success with it but in conjunction with big project files it sometimes worked, and sometimes not. Perhaps because I have so much controller data on every channel or something.

    Maybe I will go back to it but for now I find a two soundcards solution much more reliable.

    All your strings belong to me!

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