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Topic: New VI Drummer on the block

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    New VI Drummer on the block

    Has anyone seen this. Looks interesting!




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    Re: New VI Drummer on the block

    Looks massive!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: New VI Drummer on the block

    Yummy, yummy.
    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: New VI Drummer on the block

    Demos sound awesmoe!

    I think that companies are pushing us to the edge though.

    When I see sizes as follows:

    EW pianos: 270 GB
    Mixosaurus: drums 122 GB

    I mean, already with DFH superior I feel that I'm almosy wasting my hard disk space. (of course not, just saying that 30 Gb for drums alone, is already quite a lot). Same goes with Ivory and the 45 GB (I am considering keeping only the Steinway, thus saving around 30 GB...), Imagine a single piano for 55 GB by VSL.

    somehow, samples keep growing larger and larger, while hard disks, don't exactly follow that thinking.

    Either way the demos sound amazing!

    EDIT: please disregard the above in terms of mixosaurus. It comes preinstalled at a hard disk! Which is only awesmoe! Well done on the producers and the company!

    I just keep the above for general discussion purposes, but it is out of topic now... Sorry for skiping through parts...

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    Re: New VI Drummer on the block

    Looks and sounds great, kinda pricey though.

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