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Topic: Keyswitch Notes

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    Keyswitch Notes

    If you're recording keyswitch notes on a track do they display in a score editor? How would you keep keyswitch notes out of a score display or staff display?

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    Re: Keyswitch Notes

    I'm using a sequencer, Logic and Cubase SX. I'm not sure If can hide the keyswitch notes in the score or staffs so your solution would probably work. Using another track for the keyswitch notes and was something that I thought about too. Using Cubase SX 3, in the past, I have not used any keyswitch notes with my other libraries so I would have extra patches for different articulations on another track triggered from a notation (the notes were assigned a different midi channel) but this takes up too much memory. For now, Tom, your solution will have to be used. Thanks for confirming what I have thought about!

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    Re: Keyswitch Notes

    In Sibelius those notes can be "hidden" in the score, parts, or both. Right click the note and select from the "Hide" options presented.
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    Re: Keyswitch Notes

    Similarly, in Finale, you can hide notes and events. It's easiest from the Speedy Entry screen, and I do it all the time to either hide rests in a secondary layer or if I'm using a secondary layer to place chord symbols at places other than a notated note.

    In Speedy Entry place the cursor over the note and press "O" ("Oh", not "zero").

    Of course, it may be easier to do what Tom said and specify the articulation some other way.

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