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Topic: Mac/PC Ambience Reverb window in Finale question

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    Mac/PC Ambience Reverb window in Finale question

    I am trying to help a friend who has Finale 2007 and GPO, but installed on a Mac (I'm on PC).
    The problem is we are doing this by telephone.

    I'm trying to get her to slide the "dry" slider over to the right in the Ambience Reverb window, except she can't find it at all. I'm thinking that the Windows and Mac versions of the Ambience Reverb window must be quite different.

    Could someone PLEASE post an image of that window from a Mac?

    In the PC version, there are two sliders at the bottom right, one for "dry", one for "wet". Somehow, by default, the "dry" is completely to the left, and it really sounds much better when it's just shy of all the way right.

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    Re: Mac/PC Ambience Reverb window in Finale question

    umm, I've just been told by someone on the Finale forum that the Ambience reverb doesn't work on Intel Macs. Is this true?

    He said the reverb must be set up in the Kontact Player... which I guess means fidgeting with all the nobbies in the player for each instrument?

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