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Topic: Main Demo Page playback problem

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    Main Demo Page playback problem

    Howdy to all, I tried to playback some of the music on Garritan's Main demo page - Windows media said it didn't have the right codec. I switched the file association so that Quicktime would playback mp3 files and that didn't work either. I'm using the latest version of WMP, IE, and Quicktime. Any ideas?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Main Demo Page playback problem

    Was it just one file? If so, it could be just a corrupted file.

    Are you just playing the music in the web browser? It may be some sort of browser issue. Have you tried a different browser like Firefox?

    Or is Windows Media Player by itself not playing any mp3s at all? Mp3s should be automatically supported by the latest Windows Media Player software, so perhaps its codec is corrupted. You could try reinstalling WMP, or installing a different free media player, like WinAmp.

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Main Demo Page playback problem

    Ok, I reassigned the file associations on W.M.
    I can play some of the files now - when I can't, here's message I get:

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file. One or more codecs required to play the file could not be found.

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