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Topic: Perfecting Stylus RMX

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    Perfecting Stylus RMX

    I've been experimenting with RMX for almost a year and studying all the videos, still . . .

    How do I break it all down? I want to work out each individual part, different channels after finding the fitting groove. Often halftime, then the hi hats need to be be faster. I know you can edit each sound, but I want them on different Cubase tracks. Is there an easy way to build on the right groove once it is found?

    Right now I'm trying to perfect RMX and Trilogy. I've only begun to learn what I have.

    Spectrasonics is amazing. I've got Absynth 4, yet dreaming of Atmosphere.

    Can I build Drum tracks from Hi Hat tracks to Kick?

    Any hints on perfecting RMX?


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    Re: Perfecting Stylus RMX


    Reading your message it does not become totally clear what you mean.

    If you mean you want your grooves on different midi channels in your sequencer...then...yes...possible.

    Are you working in "Groove Menu Mode" or "Slice Menu Mode"?
    Are you just using 1 part in RMX or are you using all 8 parts? (each part corresponding to the related midichannel)
    Are you using a second instance of RMX in Kit Mode so you can add different kicks, snare, hihats to your beats?

    Anyway...whatever the case....the answer is YES...that's the easy way to build on the right groove once it's found.

    Play with it...if you get stuck...just post another message.

    Have Fun,


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