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Topic: Harmony Assistant and GPO

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    Harmony Assistant and GPO

    Hi everyone,

    Is there anyone out there who is using Harmony Assistant with GPO?

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    Re: Harmony Assistant and GPO

    Well, I have GPO and Harmony Assistant, but I haven't used the latter for a long time because of its various deficiencies.

    You post has sparked me to investigate, and I realised that the first thing I had to do was update the program (since Sept 2005!) I see that it now detects GPO Studio, so I can say now that I can use HA with GPO but haven't yet!

    Not very helpful perhaps, but is there any specific problem I might be able to help you with if I investigate?

    Terry Dwyer

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    Re: Harmony Assistant and GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by Poolman

    is there any specific problem I might be able to help you with if I investigate?

    Terry Dwyer
    Hello Terry, thanks for posting a reply.
    I would like to find the way to get the best out of the GPO sound while using it only with HA. I don't have any DAW or Sequencer.
    As far as I know the only way to get for instance a 'legato' is to work with the 'specific a-e'.
    I have tried to understand what I should enter as the MIDI data in the setup window, but I'm getting more and more confused and get no results. I know it also depends on what I choose in the 'options' of GPO's kontakt player window.
    This is the main issue I have.
    I'll be most thankful if you could help me to understand how to accomplish this.

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    Talking Re: Harmony Assistant and GPO

    Highly YEP!!!

    Hi Sunbird, I have been using GPO/JABB with Harmony Assistant almost exclusively for a long time now. They work wonderfully together (although I'm hoping Myriad will at some point truly add integration for GPO/JABB). I have even written a couple tutorials on it:


    Go to this link and notice the two top articles (by me, Muffit aka Narrow as in Narrow Bridge ). I also posted these here in the Garritan forums, but I forget where.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions any time! Hope I can help!!

    Narrow aka Muffit

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    Re: Harmony Assistant and GPO

    P.S. -- I forgot to say, I show you how to do legato/etc using the MIDI parameter curves in these tutorials listed in the link... once you get used to it it's easy...


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