Hi everyone,

If there's a post about this topic already, please refer me to it. In that case I'm sorry. The topic Cubase SX2 and GS3 = Crash? didn't resolve my issues.

When I load Cubase (SX 3) I get a notice saying a serious error has occured and that Cubase needs to be shut down. I am certain this relates to GS3. It doesn't occue once I've removed GS from my system.

Previously Cubase would crash and reboot during start up, but after I installed Reason it doesn't reboot my computer anymore, I get the notice. This leads me to believe the issue has to do with rewire and / or my soundcard. I've tried two soundcards Delta 1010 and Echo Mia Midi). The problem exists with both cards.

I currently run three programs on my PC (not connected to internet, latest updates/patches):
- Cubase SX 3
- Giga Studio 3 Orch
- Reason demo version that came with M-Audio soundcard

I know GS should have a separate system, but it has been running perfectly for the past two years on my current system.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've already format c and reinstalled everything (twice actually) to no avail.

Pentium IV, 3 Ghz, 1.5 RAM / M-Audio Delta 1010 / Echo Mia Midi
Other gear is not connected at the moment

Any input is much appreciated!