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Topic: JABB and Finale 2007

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    JABB and Finale 2007

    hello there,
    can anyone tell me how to connect finale 2007 with Garritan Jazz and BigBand samples?
    I just installed 2007 and Garritan, updated both, but in the "Native Instruments VST Setup"-dialogbox The Garritan kontaktplayer doesn't show up.
    I worked with both in Finale 2006 but forgot how that connection works or evrything is different again...

    thanks for anyone who can shed some light on this

    windows XP

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    Re: JABB and Finale 2007

    Hi Tom, thanks for reacting, I'm in the dark here in Amsterdam

    Yes I copy/paste that dll file
    and now finale "sees" the JABB samples and plays them in my older arrangements (finale 2006 with Garritan JABB)
    if I open the VST setup and the kontaktplayer 2 (updated) it only sees the GPO/Finale-samples not the JABB stuff
    if I try to create a new instrument in the VST setup/kontaktplayer of Gary Garritan Jazz BigBand it says: "this patch was generated by a newer version of Kontakt-please upgrade your copy to load the patch" does it mean the finale copy or the JABB copy. As far as I know I upgraded both...
    Shouldn't I be able to get the JABB Library in Kontaktplayer 2? How is that supposed to be done?
    I sure hope you can help; the finale make music forum is offline somehow.

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    Re: JABB and Finale 2007

    figured it out
    maybe such a simple "install-action" should be mentioned in a manual somewhere?
    thanks for your reaktion

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