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Topic: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

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    Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    If you do midi sequencing and audio mixing in one application program, which one would you choose? Pro Tools Digi002 or Nuendo2?


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    Re: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    Quote Originally Posted by hangee_77
    If you do midi sequencing and audio mixing in one application program, which one would you choose? Pro Tools Digi002 or Nuendo2?

    i believe Paul Gilreath uses Nuendo on a PC.

    Therefore I think you would be in pretty good company. (he also has 4 or 5 pcs for sample playback i think) I push his book everywhere I go.

    I sequence and mix in PT HD and LE with a PC for samples/k2,gvi

    Never used Nuendo. Heard great things about it. I do think you'll be slighlty more compatible with the outside world with PT. The sequencing is getting better but it still needs improvement. If you compare midi features with DP, Cubase, Sonar, Logic you'll see a lot of options that aren't implemented yet in PT. The PT software (on the mac) is rock stable. You might check out the DIGIDESIGN forums and ask for any other details.

    Whatever you decide make sure you have plenty of cpu/memory/sata drives if possible.

    You will find that everyone has an opinion about the best DAW.

    good luck.

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    Re: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    I think many people agree that PT is tops for recording and mixing audio, but not the greatest for midi sequencing, despite Digidesign's recent improvements in PT7. Cubase and Nuendo are very similar in their sequencing capacities, and are both great for that. Nuendo has higher specs all round than Cubase, especially in the post-production areas.

    ps. Nuendo is not IntelMac compatible yet, in case you are on that platform.

    Like Scott said, everyone will have their favourite!

    best of luck
    Sibelius, ProTools, Cubase
    on Mac OSX
    + plenty of coffee

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    Re: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    I would have to differ slightly with the categorization of Pro Tools as "rock stable". I love the way that it can edit audio during playback and undo and redo actions while looping as well to easily compare edits without hiccups but I also have to spend just as much time dealing with Pro Tools errors (Mac and PC) and bugs as I do with Sonar or did with Logic.

    In fact, when helping debug issues at other studios (whether Digi001, Digi002, Digi003 or in one case HD/TDM) I found that stability didn't scale much with price. Except of course when that meant upgrading from OS 9 to OS X and or the addition of word clock inputs on the interface in a studio with a master clock...

    Other than that, I would echo what's been said before: Pro Tools is used at more studios so it will be easier to send your multi-track (audio) mixes back and forth if you also use Pro Tools and it tends to be better for live recording and some forms of audio editing. With Nuendo (or many of its competitors) you gain a lot more compositional tools and flexibility, especially in terms of plug-in and hardware support/choices.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    I sequence on Pro tools all the time, it may lack features of others, but I am not missing any of them, meaning i get my work done rather well with what it has.

    Audio editing, it is king, i haven't found a program that is as easy to do what i want audio wise as pro tools is.

    its been very stable for me, though all computer programs are prone to some crud..

    Either way, i am sure you will be a happy camper once you learn your way around it, just have to decide on the platform that will suite your needs, which may include thinking ahead on how to interface with others.

    If you do go pro tools, get the 003, it has wordclock.

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    Re: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    For I while I did my sequences in DP, then imported them into Protools, but Digidesign has been upgrading the MIDI capabilities recently, so I am doing most everything in ProTools now, unless I want to write parts, then I use Finale or Allegro and import the parts as MIDI files into Protools. Works pretty good, but I need a good orchestral sampler, looking at either GPO or Miroslav at the moment, with my limited budget. I'm in the Mac world, and I am intrigued by the new Logic Studio package as well. I've been a pro musician/producer for 40 years, and the technology knocks me out, I am so glad to have this magic available!

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    Re: Pro tools vs Nuendo for midi/audio?

    Nuendo is aimed at Post Production, so if you don't need those features then you should think about Cubase.

    ProTools has some very good features for audio. The MIDI has improved a lot, but is not in the same league as Cubase (and of course has no score facility). Of course, it depends on what features you like to use, so this might not make any difference to you. For me, there is no other sequencer than Cubendo that will do what I need. For example, I can't do without Tempo Process or Warp, and only DP comes close.

    In terms of audio handling, there are fundamental things that PT can do that C4 can't (as well as vice versa). However most of these are due to be fixed in the C4 update, that is due out over the next month.


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