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Topic: Can't see audio examples

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    Can't see audio examples

    In the online RK Orchestration. Running the latest Flash player -9, latest IE browser.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you

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    Re: Can't see audio examples

    I put Northersounds as a 'trusted site' so all active x are enabled as are the other options in the security section under Internet Options. No change - I have a gray box but no play buttons.

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    Re: Can't see audio examples

    So maybe it's Internet Explorer? If so, what browser should I use?

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    Re: Can't see audio examples

    Ok, the site works on my Laptop but not on the other computer - it's my problem. Maybe the internet filter I'm using is somehow interfering with it - that's the only difference that I'm aware of between the computers. Laptop accepts all cookies - I'll see if the other computer does also.
    Perhaps this will help others if that works.

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