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Topic: Orch Snare Kapow---

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    Orch Snare Kapow---

    Try the orchestra snare drum> mixer>Decay above 101. For me this is an extreme volume up shift (3-4 times louder just adjusting decay).
    The Tambourine even at 500 doesn't seem to change at all.

    Version 1.6.1 Inst 1.9

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    Re: Orch Snare Kapow---

    No. Now I just added a snare drum.
    The mixer is at 100 vol, 35 pan & 100 decay.
    Change the 100 decay to 101 decay (Snare drum only) and the snare gets way loud (in volume and decay). All is fine when put back to 100 decay.

    PS Master natural decay is at 100. If there is no 101 available, we shouldn't get access to this Potential) speaker blowing artifact.

    Also note that other sounds do not go wild like the snare at 101 decay.

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    Re: Orch Snare Kapow---

    Sent today 06-23-07.
    Thank you.

    PS. Tried reinstalling instruments 1.7 / 1.9....
    ...Up to date...

    Is there a cetain preference to toss then reinstall 1.9 update?

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    Re: Orch Snare Kapow---

    We've confirmed that this happens, but only on the Mac. We're working on a fix, but until that gets released, the word from development is "Don't do that."

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