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Topic: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

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    KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    10 DVDs! An inappropriately massive library for someone of my enthusiast/amateur status...but it would of been dumb for me not to snatch this up for under 250$!

    Also I noticed Mr. H is putting up (what I consider) massively helpful Kontakt 2 hints and tutorials on his site.

    Its an imitidating collection but I'll just dive in and play!

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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    Yeah, I've spent 2 days installing this beast. Sounds great so far!


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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    I'm still in the process of installing. I've had a few CRC errors on the second DVD. Anybody had similar problems or am I just the lucky winner? I had to get a replacement disk from Kirk for one of my Emerald disks last time.


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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    I got mine yesterday and had problems with CRC errors on 3 of the disks. I cleaned them in (very) hot soapy water and that did the trick. Looking forward to trying it out this evening.

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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    Guess I better check my mailbox. I had CRC problems with Emerald too. Someone needs a new DVD burner! ;-)
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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    I had mine since Saturday, and is wonderful..Kirk has done it..

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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    I had CRC errors on the 2nd disk. They were with files in the Wallpaper folders. These files appear to be the same for each instrument so I just copied them over from the working Wallpaper folders.


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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    I'll have a talk with my duplication company. They use only high quality discs, or so I'm told. Maybe they got them dirty in the push to get them done in time.

    Also, there is a fix for some missing samples. Here is the link if you have solo strings, studio strings, and the harp rolls. Also, some of the instruments have been changed a little so they don't look for samples in odd places....minor stuff.


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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!


    I've been trying all day, since I called you, and I'm still getting a LOT of CRC errors. So far, after 5 hours of repeated trying I've managed to get disks 1 and 4 copied and they both copied right away on the first try. Most of the time the error is in the wallpaper folder. Is there a workaround for this or is this folder really the same in each instance and can be safely copied from a successful folder install?

    I'll try again tomorrow but right now I'm too tired and frustrated to continue.

    I did try the instruments I was able to load and they sound wonderful. I hope I can get the rest installed eventually.
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    Re: KH VSPRo Full is in my hands!

    I've just managed to waste about 3-4 hours trying to install Disk 2. Now I have some corrupted files that can't be read and my computer won't allow me to delete them. Does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of them?


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