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Topic: Finale and Ambience

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    Finale and Ambience

    I asked the following question of tech support at MakeMusic:

    When are you going to fix the ambience issue? And please don't say it'll be in the 2008 version, because it should be made to work in the 2007 version without making people pay for something that was supposed to work in the previous release.

    Response (Scott H.) - 06/21/2007 10:00 AM
    Dear Bill,

    Thank you for contacting MakeMusic Customer Support.

    Ambience Reverb is not a plugin that we design. Please contact Garritan at www.garritan.com for further information on when he will be updating this plugin for Intel compatibility. Once this is updated then I am sure he would make this available as an update.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions on this issue.

    Scott H.
    MakeMusic Customer Support

    Does this mean that all human playback issues have to come from Garritan to be used with Finale and does this include human playback issues with all Garritan libraries and I assume also with the upcoming Marching Band Library release?


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    Re: Finale and Ambience


    Nothing ever is completely perfect when using products made by different companies.

    Ambience is not available on Intel Macs. This program was not created by either MakeMusic or Garritan. Possibly either MM or Garritan will come up with their own reverb which will work on all platforms, or maybe the creator of Ambience will update their product. But for now, you'll have to use the reverb that is part of the Kontakt 2 player if you use an Intel Mac. (if you're using Finale for playback)

    Human playback programming comes from MM, but I assume that Robert Piechaud who does the programming, works in tandem with Garritan on these compatibility issues.


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    Re: Finale and Ambience

    I was really more concerned with the human playback issues and present and future Finale compatiibility with the Marching Band library (should it ever come out) and sent a second question, which got missed somehow by Make Music. So I replied back with that issue after their explanation regarding ambience (which is really the small of it) for us Intel Mac users. I will post their answer if one comes back to me.


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