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Topic: OT: Dual Channel Ram Question

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    OT: Dual Channel Ram Question

    Is there an easy way for me to check if my machine (Windows XP) will take dual channel ram. I will be upgrading and was told dual channel will give much better performance.

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    Re: OT: Dual Channel Ram Question

    You need to check the specs for your motherboard. If you have a brand name PC, aka Dell, HP, etc., consult your owner's manual or call the company tech support. If you had someone make the PC for you, or you made it yourself, find out which motherboard was installed and check the documentation that came with it or check with the mobo manufacturer after examining the mobo to determine which model you have.
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    Re: OT: Dual Channel Ram Question

    You can also run a diagnostic program like Sisoft Sandra. It will tell you what kind of motherboard you have -- google that model # for its specs.

    Note: there is no such thing as "dual channel RAM." The difference is in the memory controller. From the perspective of buying RAM, all you need is an even # of sticks, preferably matched pairs.

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