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Topic: K2 Update Howto

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    K2 Update Howto

    I've updated the K2 update howto but given some of the issues I'm still not sure that it will work for everybody. Any feedback / corrections welcome on this one.

    Windows here;


    Mac here;


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    Re: K2 Update Howto

    I would like to see what you do to clean up the mess with the older versions. I still have the previous versions installed.
    It would be great if NI had an uninstaller for the older version.

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    Re: K2 Update Howto

    Thanks for the info.

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    Re: K2 Update Howto

    Thanks very much for the information. Now if I could just get NI to accept the registration for JABB, I'd be all set! (I've emailed them about the problems...)

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