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Topic: Help! Roland RD-700SX

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    Help! Roland RD-700SX

    Hi! I just bought a Roland RD-700SX - I fell in love with the Superior Grand sounds at the local music store. They had none (brand new) left in our state so it had to be shipped to me, and I've been playing it the past couple days but am so disappointed!

    The Superior Grand tone sounded "off" to me from the start, but I kept going back and trying it again thinking maybe the next time I played it I would change my mind, but I just kept feeling worse and worse each time I heard it. The tone is muted - muffled. My 10 year old Korg has a more realistic sound.

    Then I played the Superior Grand demo and it sounded incredible! But when I stop the demo and play the actual Superior Grand tone it sounds nothing like the demo. Do you think my Roland could have been damaged in shipping?

    If anyone here has the same Roland, can you tell me if your Superior Grand Demo tone sounds the same as your actual Superior Grand tone when you play the keyboard? I flipped through the other piano sounds as well and they all sound very poor quality to me. On the internet this sound in particular gets such amazing reviews...I am hoping it is just my particular keyboard and it can be fixed/replaced!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Help! Roland RD-700SX

    I've got one, and love the sound. I'll see if I can figure out how to play the demo songs and see if it changes.

    edit: Sounds the same on mine.

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    Re: Help! Roland RD-700SX

    Now I am really starting to think something must have happened to my Roland during shipping...I just listened to the three sound clip demos another member posted in this forum:


    and it sounds like a completely different piano than mine. Absolutely gorgeous! Still waiting (7 hours and counting) for a Roland support tech to call me back...

    My piano sounds muted, like someone took a heavy blanket and threw it over the piano strings. The demo clips the other member posted sound so clear, bright, and rich. Does anyone know if it is possible to have this kind of shipping damage?
    Thank you for your help,

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    Re: Help! Roland RD-700SX - update

    Okay...at the risk of sounding like an idiot, but for the chance that this may help some other (dope) in the future who may have the same problem - I figured it out! The thing I was missing in the Superior Grand was the high, crisp tones and brightness of a real piano and I finally figured out why - the key touch setting was on Heavy! Since I'm used to playing unweighted keys, the "heavy" setting made the tones sound muted when I played them - I just switched the setting to "light" and within 10 seconds I had the beautiful Roland Superior Grand sound!

    So I'm not too bright but it could have been worse - I could have taken this thing into the service center all for a key touch setting.


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    Re: Help! Roland RD-700SX

    Lol. I'm glad it worked out for you. I really like mine, though what sold me was more the great action than the sounds.

    I have to say I don't like the mod "wheel" at all, though. To get it to work well with Strad and Groff, I remapped the two left sliders (Lower 1 & 2) to transmit MOD and Aftertouch. With an expression pedal, gives me *much* more control than the funky mod bar.


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    Re: Help! Roland RD-700SX

    Thanks for the advice! I haven't gotten to the MOD wheel yet...from the reviews I've heard, that is one of the few downfalls of the Roland. I love the action of this piano as well - going from unweighted keys to this is really nice. I'll tell you, when I figured out the key touch was the problem, and then started played on the Superior Grand tone, there was nothing like it - it really did sound like a real piano! Whew...big headaches and long hours have been saved!

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