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Topic: kp2 and 64 bit. processor...

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    kp2 and 64 bit. processor...

    Whats up everyone?

    I have a 64 bit dual-core processor and i was wondering if Kontakt 2 and the Service Center would work because i've heard that there are problems with the 64 bit processors and the service center. Please let me know if you know anything about this. Thank you.

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    Re: kp2 and 64 bit. processor...

    I use Kontakt 2 on a Core 2 Duo machine running Windows XP-x64 Edition and have had no problems using Service Center whenever I've needed to update Kontakt 2.

    The problem might be more the interaction between a 32-bit application like Kontakt 2 and a 64-bit operating system rather than the CPU. I've found that 32-bit software like Kontakt 2 performs better running in XP-x64 when it is made Large Address Aware. Utilities like the one found at http://www.musikbanken.se/laatidosetup.exe help in this regard. I've also found that using this utility on VST DLLs also keeps them from crashing as it does when using on an executable like Kontak2.exe, etc.


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    Re: kp2 and 64 bit. processor...

    English description for LaaTiDo. For the people who like to read before they click.


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    Re: kp2 and 64 bit. processor...

    right, the problem isn't Kontakt2 itself because i was able to run the demo but the service center is what keeps crashing so i cannot register my K2.

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