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Topic: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

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    What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    How can I get Garritan Personal Orchestra to become a native intel application for intel macs? I've been trying to figure this out for almost a year now. I'm really confused. I know that there is a Kontakt player update, but that doesn't update the actual application "Garritan Personal Orchestra," nor does it update Garritan Personal Studio. I need these applications to be Universal apps, but I haven't found such an update.

    What am I missing?


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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    KP1 had a separate app for each library. GPO was called "PersonalOrchestra". But, KP2 doesn't do this. All KP2 libraries use the same app binary "KontaktPlayer2". Each of your KP2 libraries can be used with this single app.

    So, to run KP2, call KontakPlayer2 not PersonalOrchestra.

    If you want more info on using KP2 standalone, do some searches for KP2 and IAC. I've outlined this procedure several times on these forums.

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    I tried using KP2 though, and I couldn't plug it into Sibelius the same way I could with Garritan Personal Studio. Maybe it's because i'm using a non-intel version of Sibelius...

    Anyways, thanks!

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    I thought the others had gotten it to work.

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    Aside from a few quirks (with workarounds), GPO runs OK for me. I run Kontakt 2.2.2 inside DP5.11. I'm not completely satisfied with it; for one thing, I have to disable CC7, because if I don't, the volume of each GPO instrument suddenly increases to the highest point, and the original pan setting is lost. Also, even with 2 gigs of RAM, I'm more limited to the number of GPO/Kontakt instances than I would have imagined (just a bare instance of Kontakt eats up over 200 MB of RAM). I have yet to load an entire orchestra.

    Sorry; this may not have anything to do with the original question. Just thought I would chime in.
    Intel iMac Core 2 Duo - 2.16 GHz - 3 GB mem - DP5.13 - Reason 3.0 - GPO4 - Kontakt 3

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    The problem i'm having now is it won't let me load instruments in Kontakt Player 2. It says that it can't be used with this application. It's trying to load instruments from the "GPO Library" folder. What can I do about that?

    I think i'll have to get this to work, and use Sibelius 5, which is also a universal binary.

    Also, I don't even understand how this whole thing is supposed to work. I've heard demo's of this program playing entire orchestral pieces, but I have no idea how people do that. Right now, I plug it into Sibelius, and I record something in a track, and the notes are a complete mess because i'm not playing along with a click track or anything. This doesn't matter to me, because I just need the audio. I'm recording a soundtrack to a movie.

    However, how am I supposed to record an entire orchestra, and have all the instruments in sync with each other? I've used DP 5 before, and it all seems so complicated and rediculous. I always thought that the technology just somehow "magically" allowed people to do what they need to do, but I guess that's not the case. The software is flawed, and it requires quirky thinking, many work arounds, and many bizarre solutions to constant problems, to get what you want out of it.

    However, in spite of all that, it's still my best option right now, to record a film score, since I don't have a real orchestra on my hands. So, if someone could just tell me how to get Kontakt Player 2 to load my instruments, and work with Sibelius, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    Well, it should work automatically unless you installed the older 2.2.1 "beta" rather than 2.2.2. Verify which version you are using. What is the exact error message?

    It sounds to like KP2 is reading the KP1 library which leads to believe you have 2.2.1 installed. If not, what folder is the KP2 library in and what folder is KP1 in?

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    Maybe I need to BUY a newer version of something. Right now, I have in my applications folder, a folder called Garritan Personal Orchestra, which has the Garritan Personal Orchestra v. 1.1.8 in it. Then there's a massive folder called "GPO Library" which contains all the instruments and multi's. This was installed along with the other folder.

    Then I installed KP2 v. 2.2.2, and it's a seperate application, on it's own, which opens up, and then refuses to load any instruments from the "GPO Library" folder, because: "The Patch you're trying to load cannot be used with this application."

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    This is strange. Let's see if we find if the correct library is set up properly.

    Try and find the KP1 and KP2 versions of the library on your system and report what folders they are in. You can tell them apart in several ways.
    1) the KP2 verion will have GPO_Library_part1.nkc as well as the GPO_Library_part1.nks file.
    2) The KP1 instruments will have a .txt file for each patch name as well as the .nki file. KP2 doesn't use the text files.

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    Re: What is the deal with GPO and Intel Mac's?

    I'm with ConureDude,

    I am using DP 5.12 on a G5 Mac, not an Intel Mac.
    All I can say about this NI crap is ...
    what a mess.

    KP2 will not communicate with DP.
    I can't get individual outputs of the KP2 loaded instruments to feed individual audio tracks.

    I guess NI broke that too.

    The original GPO Kontakt player was nice because each instrument could access any of the 8 stereo busses into DP.

    The "new improved" KP2 player..... what a total waste, but I guess it's nice if you don't care about mixing your instruments.

    Sorry I had to vent and help Bob not feel alone.

    Thank the Lord I use GPO on a separate PC.

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.....


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