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Topic: VSPro Pre-Programmed Impulse Instruments

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    VSPro Pre-Programmed Impulse Instruments

    Here's an upgrade if you want to have pre-programmed impulse reverb on your instruments (except Concert Strings and Studio Strings). If you're happy with your instruments dry, then don't bother with this dowload.


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    Re: VSPro Pre-Programmed Impulse Instruments

    Excellent, thanks Kirk!

    Soundtracks for Theatre, Dance & Film

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    Re: VSPro Pre-Programmed Impulse Instruments

    Yes these reverb samples are great esp for brass!

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    Re: VSPro Pre-Programmed Impulse Instruments

    Thanks Kirk!!
    I received my copy of VSPro yesterday, and it sounds superb. I have had the CRC problems with the DVD 2 too, but I solved it copying the content from the DVD burner unit instead from the DVD reader unit. I've seen four impulses included with the library, and I wonder if you could explain briefly the features of every impulse and what would you use each of them for. I've noticed that there are different tails, but I'd like to get advice from the person who designed them.

    I'll begin to use the new library shortly (I have to compose the soundtrack for a documentary and a short film). Meanwhile, I've uploaded a suite from the soundtrack I made several months ago for the short film "Llamada perdida" (Lost call). It was made using only Emerald (K2 version) and I think it sounds good, specially the solo flute. The suite includes the main title and the final scene theme.
    You can download it at

    Once more, congratulations for the new library. It's extremely easy of use, sounds very very well and has been designed with the musician and its expresivity in mind.

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    Re: VSPro Pre-Programmed Impulse Instruments

    Fingaro, That was simply beautiful music. Like what you have done on this piece. Well done..Enjoyed. Joseph.

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