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Topic: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

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    GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Just an old tune of mine reworked using the forthcoming GPO refill for Reason which is currently being beta tested.

    Sorry guys, being a beta version things change quickly and the choirs were just a try out of a possible later inclusion in another library, not the quality that Garritan is known for. I'm currently remixing the demo, it'll be back soon.


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    Re: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Interesting progressions. Very nice, smooth sound.

    From where did the choirs come? As far as I know, GPO doesn't offer them.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Hi, Tony

    Really interesting post, thanks for it. I enjoyed the moody melodies and progressions in your song, and this "GPO refill for Reason" is sounding nice!

    I mirror Larry's perplexity about the Choirs--Reason is getting some Choir samples which none of the other versions of GPO have, including the main stand alone program?

    Regarding those Choirs, how they sound in your recording at least--They had that strange, burbly "under water" sound I associate with a lot of the Sound Fonts and other inexpensive or free Choirs I've heard. Maybe it was your processing, but they didn't sound very impressive in this.

    Tell us more about all this!

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Tony, a round of applause on this one, surely: well done,
    and an interesting composition, harmonically -- some of the
    progressions are quite effective; enough of a surprise to
    entice, but yet emotive and engaging. Very well rendered,
    as well...

    Much enjoyed!

    My best,


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    Re: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Quite hypnotic - really liked the divisions/quick scale passages in the harp that decorate the main idea. Choir? Where? Is this a different version? If there was a choir there, then it indeed sounds strange - like no choir at all!

    Great piece, and wonderfully rendered.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Ron--"...If there was a choir there, then it indeed sounds strange - like no choir at all!..."

    Wow--you couldn't hear the "choir?" It's very murky, as I tried to describe it in my earlier response to this thread, but it's there. Yeah, not at all the sound you would expect, but it's there. I think Tony was aware of the weakness in the choir sound, so kept it a bit pulled back in the mix.

    Another thread mentions that these were early protoypes of the choir, not to be confused with the kind of samples that will eventually be in the Garritan Choir program.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO Reason Refill Beta Demo

    Funny story for you: I listened to this work last night and put it on repeat. I got heavily involved in something else for about 30 minutes and forgot to give you a response. While I was at work today I had this melody in my head!
    So, .... great work! I quite enjoyed it!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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